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Cairn Terrier Club of Canada Versatility Award Program

Cairn Terriers are very active and versatile dogs, bred with the skills and drive to work and play hard at whatever task they take on whether it be den work, the conformation ring or therapy visits at care homes. Our Cairns enjoy working closely with us and they are very willing and able to use their inherent skills to participate in the many dog sports, activities and therapy services available across Canada and the US. To recognize and preserve these traits and to encourage all owners to join in, the CTCC is pleased to offer members a Versatility Award Program that will recognize and reward participation in a wide variety of dog activities.

The Versatility Award Program has been designed so Cairns and their owners with the time, dedication and desire can earn an award. The Versatility Award requires a title or qualifying achievement, based on a simple point system, in three different categories or disciplines such as earthdog, agility, conformation or therapy work. As a conformation title is not required, these awards are open to pets and show champions alike and all owners who are involved in dog related activities are encouraged to participate.

Achievements that go towards the Versatility Award are carried forward to the Versatility Excellent Award which requires a title or qualifying achievement in four different categories and must include either an earthdog or conformation title.

The CTCC Versatility Award and Versatility Excellent Awards are lifetime achievement awards and are not awarded on a yearly basis. 
The recipients will be recognized with awards presented annually at the National Specialty Banquet or the AGM; the awards will be shipped to those who cannot attend.

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