The Cairn Terrier Club of Canada (CTCC) was first formed in the spring of 1952 by a small group of Cairn fanciers, with it's first meeting held in Agincourt, Ontario. The members organized their first Specialty to be held in conjunction with the Canadian National Sportsman's Show in Toronto on March 18, 1953. The judge was Mr. John T. Marvin, USA and the Best of Breed winner was Betty Hyslop's 'Kilties Foxglove of Cairndania'. The first newsletter the "Cairn Quarterly"  was published in 1955. The club was active for approximately six years and then lay dormant for sixteen years.

On Feb 17th 1973 a group of nine enthusiastic people met and became the founding members of the reactivated club. This group of people worked to develop a new constitution, code of ethics and guide the club through its formative years.

The new President, Jim McFarlane led the club for many years until his death in 1983. Jim a native Scotsman was born in Kingussie near Badenoch Invernesshire. He was a nephew of the late Col Hector Whitehead, an early pioneer of the breed. Jim was well known in his homeland and was elected honorary president of the Cairn Terrier Club there in 1981.

The first specialty show of the resurrected CTCC was held in 1976 in conjunction with the Terrier Breeders Association of Canada. Judge was Mr. Alex Hogg of Edinburgh Scotland, then also secretary of the CTC. Best of Breed was awarded to Can Am Ch Foxgrove Susanella (left), owned by Mrs Betty Hyslop of Brockville Ontario (Cairndania).

The one & only stand alone specialty show was held in Niagara Falls, Ontario in 1986. The judge was Mr. Willie McCulloch, West Kilbride, Scotland. Best Of Breed was Ch Cairngorlyn Ruffies’ Rufus (right), 95 cairns were entered, a record that still stands.

In August 1982 the first Western Specialty was held in Winnipeg, the judge was Mr. Nicholas Funelle, Florida, USA. Best Of Breed was awarded to Ch Kinncayre’s Grey Gilligan owned by Ms G.D. Cantwell.

The newsletter was reactivated in 1975 and is published quarterly. The yearbook was first introduced in 1980 is continuing to be published every two years. It is invaluable in helping to keep contact between members and is a showcase for pedigrees, bloodlines, show pictures & all our cairn families.

The 1st fun day was held at Meadowvale Conservation Park on Aug. 7th, 1983, being a picnic for members only. The fun day now is an active gathering where breeders and pet owners gather with their Cairns to socialize, watch grooming demonstrations, dog races, agility, and dress up dogs. Fun days are held in several of the regions each year.

C.A.R.E (Cairn Anomaly Registrations and Education) was started in 1992 as a confidential registry of all genetic diseases in Canadian Cairns. This registry was disbanded in 2003 as the Canine Disease Control Registry data base in California was felt to be more widely used, recognized and accessible via the internet.

In 1987 the Alberta CTCC members formed the Alberta Clan. Members felt a need for local organizations to fulfill their needs involving holding boosters, specialties and social functions. Meetings were held informally at show sites and Edna Perks (Cairnorth) was their first president. The first Alberta Clan Specialty was held in Edmonton in 1988. The BC members formed their own clan shortly afterwards and held their first specialty in 1990 in Abbotsford, BC. Both regions continue to be active.

At a general meeting held June 5th, 1990 at the National Specialty, it was agreed that some form of local autonomy was necessary and the National Specialty was to become a ‘roving’ specialty.

In 2013 the Club celebrated their 40th Anniversary.

Up to the present time our club appears to be thriving and all clans are doing well. We now have a membership of approximately 200 members who own and love a Cairn Terrier, the Best Little Pal in the World.