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If you are unfamiliar with Cairn Terriers, our Meet the Breed page will introduce you to the ‘best little pal in the world’. Our site also contains a variety of resources on general care, health, grooming, and training of your Cairn as well as information on how to find a Cairn Terrier

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Welcome to the Cairn Terrier Club of Canada!

Welcome! The Cairn Terrier Club is a nonprofit club whose members are passionate about Cairn Terriers. Our goals are to promote and preserve Cairn Terriers as a distinct breed, true to its historic nature – a fearless, hardy, and intelligent ‘big dog in a small body’. We have members from ‘sea to sea’, as well as internationally. Our Cairns are family members and pets first – but many are also active in a wide range of activities with their owners. From dog shows to many other activities such as earthdog and barn hunt, agility, flyball, therapy dog work and more, Cairn Terriers are versatile working dogs ready to rise to any challenge.

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Whether you are looking for a puppy or an older Cairn, careful decision-making will help you get the one that is right for you.



Cairn Terriers are a generally healthy breed, often living well into their mid to late teens. As with any breed, it is important to be aware of specific health conditions of concern to the breed.



To clip or to strip? Learn about different grooming methods and the pros and cons of each.



Get off to a great start with your Cairn by using effective, relationship-building training methods and being prepared to address undesirable behaviours early.