Help, My new puppy is driving me crazy!

Since the outset, the SARS-COV2 pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in demand for puppies as families have flocked to take advantage of working from home to integrate a puppy into their household. Some had already been planning for … Read More

Why do dogs do stuff? (we don’t like!)

Why do dogs do dog stuff? By Susanne Shelton (Austerlitz German Shepherd Dogs) Originally posted in Pandemic Puppy Raising Support Group (Facebook) Reprinted with permission of the author. I wish that everything in life was black and white. I like … Read More

Marijuana and CBD in dogs / Marijuana poisoning

This week I was happy to see the return of one of the tiny puppies in my training class. The previous week he had been absent from class because he was under veterinary care for marijuana intoxication. The veterinary clinic … Read More