Training Methods Matter

The history of the evolution of dog training methods goes back to the early 1900’s. Pavlov set a foundation for the understanding of animal behaviour with his experiments that showed animals could make a link between a neutral stimulus and … Read More

The Find It Game

‘Find it’ is a great game for your dog.  This game is especially good because it engages their scent detection skills. The dog’s nose is vastly superior to the human nose and a large proportion of the dog’s brain is … Read More

Help, My new puppy is driving me crazy!

Since the outset, the SARS-COV2 pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in demand for puppies as families have flocked to take advantage of working from home to integrate a puppy into their household. Some had already been planning for … Read More

Why do dogs do stuff? (we don’t like!)

Why do dogs do dog stuff? By Susanne Shelton (Austerlitz German Shepherd Dogs) Originally posted in Pandemic Puppy Raising Support Group (Facebook) Reprinted with permission of the author. I wish that everything in life was black and white. I like … Read More

Marijuana and CBD in dogs / Marijuana poisoning

This week I was happy to see the return of one of the tiny puppies in my training class. The previous week he had been absent from class because he was under veterinary care for marijuana intoxication. The veterinary clinic … Read More

What To Do in a Polar Vortex

With much of the Canadian landscape under a deep and protracted polar vortex, making usual outdoor activities with our dogs much less pleasant and sustainable, now is a good time to think about indoor enrichment activities to keep our dogs … Read More

A Very Merry Canine Christmas

This has been a very atypical year with many challenges and we can all use a little humour and a little inspiration. Here are a few links to entertain and bring a smile – and hopefully inspire you to teach … Read More

Is Your Puppy Ready for Halloween? Risks and Opportunities

  Halloween brings with it some safety concerns for our pups but also provides great opportunities to train some really valuable skills. A bit of planning and prep work can help make sure that your puppy not only safely survives … Read More

Puppies in the Time of COVID Part 2

In the last blog post we looked at some of the challenges of getting a puppy in the context of COVID lockdowns and travel restrictions. This blog will examine ways you optimize your puppy search and prepare for a puppy … Read More

Puppies in the Time of COVID Part 1

Puppies and COVID   There has been a remarkable increase in the demand for puppies since COVID lockdowns began. Many breeders have experienced an extraordinary number of puppy inquiries – often 5 to 10 times their usual number of inquiries. … Read More