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Clipping your Cairn

Clipping a Cairn coat is within the expected skill level of all professional groomers. Ask around in your local dog community for references for a groomer that is trusted. Look for Certified Fear Free groomers in your area if possible.

Stripping your Cairn

Stripping requires more skill than clipping. It is also more time consuming and will cost more, but offers the benefits of maintaining the water and dirt repellency and insulating qualities of a good coat. It can be challenging to find a groomer with the skills and patience to strip coats properly and who will not default to clipping at least portions of the coat.

Groomers listed here are recognized as having skill at stripping the Cairn coat. You should also ask your breeder for recommendations.

Club Members

Sheila Bremaud
Location: Calgary, Alberta

Irene Darius
E mail:
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Jan Morgan
Location: Whitby, Ontario

Gaelen Gordon
Location: Ottawa/Gatineau/Chelsea


Other Groomers

Donel Bryck
Location: Red Deer, AB

Laurie Nicholson
Location: Cochrane, AB

Please note: this page is a work in progress.  Please contact if you would like to be listed on this page. Non club members will require a recommendation from a club member to be listed.