2023 is the 50th Anniversary of the Cairn Terrier Club of Canada.


The CTCC was first formed in the spring of 1952 by a small group of Cairn fanciers.  The first meeting of members held in Agincourt, Ontario. The first Specialty was held in conjunction with the Canadian National Sportsman’s Show in Toronto on March 18, 1953.  Mr. John T. Marvin of the USA was our esteemed judge. . Best of Breed winner was Betty Hyslop’s ‘Kilties Foxglove of Cairndania’. The club was active for approximately six years and then lay dormant for sixteen years.

Chikki and Dick Mair are long term club members who have served the club in many ways over the years. Many club events (informal activities and earthdog practices and trials) took place at their home in Plattsville.

On Feb 17th, 1973 a group of nine enthusiastic people met and became the founding members of the reactivated club. This group worked to develop a new constitution, code of ethics and guide the club through its formative years. The new President, Jim McFarlane, led the club for many years until his death in 1983. Jim, a native Scotsman was born in Kingussie near Badenoch, Invernesshire.  He was a nephew of the late Col Hector Whitehead, an early pioneer of the breed. Jim was well known in his homeland and elected honorary president of The Cairn Terrier Club (UK) in 1981.

The first specialty show of the resurrected CTCC was held in 1976 in conjunction with the Terrier Breeders Association of Canada, with Mr. Alex Hogg of Edinburgh, Scotland and secretary of the Cairn Terrier Club, (UK)  judging. Best of Breed was awarded to CanAmCh Foxgrove Susanella, owned by Mrs Betty Hyslop of Brockville, Ontario (Cairndania).

This year our National Specialty will be held Saturday, June 3 at the Erie Shores Dog Show at the Caledonia Fairgrounds, 151 Ceithness Street East, Haldimand, Ontario. A Regional Specialty will be held on Friday June 2. At our anniversary banquet we will present 10 members with the Outstanding Service Award in honour of their long and exceptional service to the club.  Other Regional Specialties will be held across the country. The Prairie Region Specialty will be held in conjunction with the Alberta Kennel Club Show at Spruce Meadows (August 6, 2023) and the BC Regional Specialty will be held in conjunction with the Cranbrook Dog Show (August 25, 2023). If you are in these areas, why not come and join us? In addition to conformation showing, some Cairns will also be seen participating in performance events at these shows.

Ontario Fun Day – Bob Shilliday is the Piper. Date ~1980s

If you are not a member of the club, why not consider joining? Members receive 4 newsletters per year, an annual yearbook, access to the Members section of the website and special members FB groups (General interest, Breeding, Performance) and special offers from Embark.  The members section of the website has many resources for Cairn owners particularly on Grooming and Health.

Here is the url for our public FB page: https://www.facebook.com/CanadaCairns

Here is a link to Membership information: https://www.cairnterrierclub.ca/club/becoming-a-member/