Cairn Terrier Club of Canada Versatility Award Program

Cairn Terriers were originally working dogs, assisting farmers in ridding fields of vermin and fishermen of otters that threatened their catch. They were bred for courage, tenacity, independence and problem solving skills, without needing direction from handlers. Cairns  excel in activities like earth dog and barn hunt, which replicate the purpose for which they were bred. Many Cairns retain a strong instinct for such activities. Cairns are often considered less ‘biddable’ than other breeds bred specifically to work closely with human handlers. However, with hard work and good training, they can excel in many other activities far removed from the purpose for which they were bred. Participating in activities with your Cairn will enrich his life and strengthen the bond you share.

In 2010, under the leadership of Chris Roberts, the CTCC introduced the Versatility Program. Six dogs were presented with Versatility Awards and one dog with the Versatility Excellent Award at the 2010 Annual General Meeting. Since then, through June 2020 a total of 39 dogs have been awarded Versatility Awards and nine dogs have also been awarded Versatility Excellent Awards.

The program is designed to recognize club members who have made significant achievements with their Cairns through participation in a variety of performance sports and conformation. The program offers two levels of lifetime achievement awards:

  • Versatility
  • Versatility Excellent

To achieve these awards, the dog must achieve points (titles or achievement) in different categories of performance, demonstrating true versatility. Conformation and Ratting Sports (Earthdog and Barn Hunt) are considered key categories for the Versatility Excellent Award and the dog must achieve titles in at least one of these categories in order to achieve the Versatility Excellent award. Details of the requirements for each award are outlined in the brochure. The owner (or one co-owner) must be a club member in order to receive the award.

Recipients receive trophies, presented annually at the National Specialty Banquet or a Regional Specialty.  Names are inscribed on a perpetual trophy in memory of Andrée Hunter, who passed away in 2011, shortly after becoming one of the first recipients of a versatility award.

Cairn Terrier Club of Canada Versatility Award Recipients

Versatility Award


Ch. Fenaghhausen’s Oscar Little, CD RN AGN TT – Andree and Allan Hunter

Ch. Curriewood’s Tiffiny, CD SHdCH, CGC, FD – Margaret Pringle

Ch. Saucydog’s Power Serge, ME RN AGNS AGNJS – Sandra Millen

Am/Can Ch. Skerryvore Will o’ the Wisp, Am/Can JE SE CGN – Gloria Mair

Am/Can Ch. Skerryvore Hogmanay Belle Am/Can JE SE CGN – Gloria Mair

Ch. Timberlock’s More Than A Feeling, PCD RN CGN HIC CARO RNMCL – Linda Chafe


Ch. Brydcairns Pride of Kairncort, CD RE – Vern and Marge McAllister

Ch. Kairncort Bonny Shantel, CDX – Vern and Marge McAllister

Ch Grastar’s Executive Decision, CD RA CGN - Jeannette Hargreaves


Ch. Dalbeattie’s Day Lily, CD RN RA CGN Toto (Wizard of Oz) – Margaret Pringle

Ch. Skerryvore Dalbeattie Gray, RN RA RE CGN – Margaret Pringle

Ch. Gateway’s Forget Me Not, CD RA CGN – Alexander and Dorothy Harris

Kian’s Rockstar of Aberfeldy, RN AGIV AGIJV MADC AG DC O-NAC NJC TG-N TN-O CGC – Joanne Leslie

2013 - 2014

Ch Linwell’s Que Sera Sera, ME, CGN – Linda Kettlewell

AltCh Linwell’s Adelaide Nevertheless, CD RE CGN, AGN, AGNJ, ADC – Diane Grainger

Linwell Cabaret’s Little Ember CD, RE CGN AGN AGNJ ADC – Diane Grainger


RATCH Goldenears Joseph Am/Can SE TD RATI NW1 CRNCL – Shelley Cherkowski

Am.Can GCh Quarrydene’s Queen of Diamonds, RA CGN RATN ETD – Karen McClean and Merril Schmitt

Toonees Indigo Tesla Roadster, CRNCL RATO NW2 – Shelley Cherkowski

Am/Can Ch. Grastar’s Gotta Gem Again CDX RE RATN CGN – Jeannette Hargreaves


Am/Can GCH Skerryvore Walks with Wolves, JE CGN – Gloria Mair

Grastar’s Forget Me Not CGN RN ATCh SJA-TD/PTD – Karen McClean


Am/Can Ch Skerryvore Hello Dolly, AN CGN – Gloria Mair

Ch. Dalbeattie’s Dark Northern Skye, CD RE CGN – Margaret Pringle

Am/Can Ch. McAlister’s Wait For Me, JE CGN – Helen Timmerman

Ch Graffiitti Lady Marmalade, CD RA CGN – Josee Levesque


GCh Skerryvore Isla Touch of Magic CGN TD PCD CA SPOT-ON ATD CGC TKP – Diane Grainger and Gloria Mair

Am/Can Ch QUarrydene’s Diamond Heist CGN RATM ETD – Karen McClean and Merril Schmitt




Am/Can GCH Skerryvore Dance with the Wind JE CGN SN - Gloria Mair


Alamawa's Loch Cuilti TI CGN AADC THDX RATN AGDC - Pattie Whitehouse

Ch Kian's First Lady O'The Isle RN SDN SD-S TT TI CGN AADC THDX RATX AGDC Toto (Wizard of Oz) - Margaret Jones , C&J Thompson


CH Dalbeattie's Just You Wait Joe  JE CAX S RA VA RATN NTD NTD-M - Margaret Pringle

CH Skerryvore Red Onni Touch of Joy SDO ETD JT VE RN AS
CA PCD - Diane Grainger

Tarahill's Wild Spirit TDGCH ADC SGDC RATM
- Pattie Whitehouse

Versatility Excellent Award


Am/Can Ch. Highlow Gave a Gem to Grastar CD CKC/CARO RN VADC CGC – Jeannette Hargreaves


OTCH, Tamara of Alamwa, TDX TT CG CGV AM CDX – Heather Somera

Am/Can Ch. Kian’s Rupert Bear of Aberfeldy, CD RN CGC Am/Can JE, AGI, AGNJ. MADC, MGDCMSDC, EXS Bronze, O-NAC NJC TN-N NCC – Joanne Leslie and Margaret Jones

Ch Warkshire Twomacs Marble, TD CDI AGX AGIJ RE CGN, OAC, O-TN-N, NJC, TG-N, RA – Joan Kleinendorst and Rae-Ann Wark


Ch. Skerryvore Dalbeattie Gray, CDRE SE CGN – Margaret Pringle


OTCH AltCh Linwell’s Adelaide Nevertheless, CD RAE JE CGN AGI AGIJ NP TD TT SD-D(Sp) Toto (Wizard of Oz) – Diane Grainger


Am/Can Ch. Grastar’s Gotta Gem Again CDX RE RATO CGN – Jeannette Hargreaves


Kian’s Solar Light, Ca RN AGIS Am/Can SE, SD-S, SD-A – Joanne Leslie and Margaret Jones


Am/Can GCh Skerryvore Walks with Wolves, SE SN AHN CGN – Gloria Mair


Ch TCH BPIS Warkshire;s Macbeth Sterling CGN CD RAE CRNL CRNT AGIS AGJIS RATN - Joan Kleinendorst


GCH Skerryvore Isla Touch of Magic CGN TD CD RI CAX SX SDO AGN AGNJ TDCH SPOT-ON TKP CGC - Diane Grainger


AMCH GCH Quarrydene's Queen of Diamonds, SE RA CGN RATS TDCH TD-ROM - Karen McClean

CH Graffiti Lady Marmalade CGN TT CD RE RAE2 TDGH VB
- Julie Trottier